“Our first two album sleeves were designed by BASIL and DAVID.

The whole way they did it back then was, they had to sit down

together and draw it out. The fact that Basil and David came from art

school I see as a blessing.” Selwyn Brown


“When we put out HANDSWORTH REVOLUTION, DAVID HINDS and I were at the Bournville School of Art. I was a Roots Brother but also an International Brother. Reggae albums by bands like THIRD WORLD had real Roots art, and then these Prog Rockers like PINK FLOYD and YES had these amazing gatefold sleeves. We realised we could use that format to get our lyrics out there for people to read.” Basil Gabbidon


“I drew out the original cover for HANDSWORTH REVOLUTION – I drew it a bit more arty, to be honest – and we took down to Island Records in London. They passed it on BLOOMFIELD TRAVIS; they were a very stylish agency; they designed for BURNING SPEAR, AUGUSTUS PABLO, BARRINGTON LEVY – as well as a lot of Punk bands. They commissioned ANDREW ALOOF to do the final artwork.” Basil Gabbidon


“I was working in the Jewellery Quarter and the band originally commissioned me to make a pendant. Birmingham was an exciting place to be; there was so much cheap studio space for both artists and musicians. I drew out the letters to look like they were painted on a wall. The letters had to connect for it to hold together when I photo-etched it. The band used it as a logo on their singles, and I got my credit on the rear of HANDSWORTH REVOLUTION.” Martin Fuller